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Small Beginnings

I seriously started selling on eBay when I purchased a small 3"  Christmas bell from a resale store for $2 and sold it on eBay for $380, I never looked back. I was thrilling enough to entice me to learn all I could about eBay. With the encouragement of my family and a lot of hard work I have developed a reputable online eBay presence. with a Top Rated Power Seller status that I am very proud of. 

I have had thousands of new and repeat customers and the most awesome reputable consigners. Who I appreciate immensely. I Love what I do, and I would love to do it for you!

Your Online Consignment Resource

Consignment and eBay?


Almost everyone has heard about eBay but, there are still plenty of people who have little or no idea about how really big eBay is and many people actually use it.

eBay is one of the most visited sites on the internet since its beginning in 1995.  eBay has hosted over 5 billion auctions.

and has over 45 million registered users in the U.S., 80 million users worldwide, and its growing.

Ebay is a global enterprise with ebay sites in 24 separate countries including China and India.

Eaby receives over 8 million page views per day.

All this translates into your items having the opportunity to be viewed by more buyers than they can ever be in a over stocked  physical consignment store. We can get into a lot about stores loosing your merchandise ETC.....